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Demo of Phantom Skills in Maple Justice

Jan 29, 2012 6:50 pm
Here, I collect some awesome demo of Phantom skills in Maple Justice. They will show you Phantom skills more vivid. . Now let's begin.

Return of Phantom: Return to Phantom’s flying ship, Crystal Garden.

Phantom Shroud: Hide behind a veil of cards and move quickly around a map without being hit. Use the arrow keys to choose which direction to move in.

Judgement: When the Card Stack is full, the entire Stack is used up and a random Card is chosen. Receive a buff depending on which Card you get. (Fortune Card – 20% critical chance increase, Misfortune Card – 40% item drop rate increase, Endurance Card – 20% resistance to states and elements increase, Drain Card – 5% of your damage will recover HP). Check below out:

Double Piercing: Quickly attack up to 4 enemies in front of you for 101% damage twice.

Swift Phantom: While in the air, you can jump a certain distance (distance will increase as skill level increases). Passively increase your speed by 35, your maximum speed by 20, and your jump by 20.

Call of Fate: Throw Phantom’s secondary weapon, Cards, forward to attack up to 2 enemies for 120% damage 3 times.

Breeze Carte: Throw a wave of cards to push back  up to 10 enemies in front of you and hit them for 320% damage.

Cane Booster: Increase the speed of your weapon by 2 stages for 240 seconds. (pre-requisite: 5 Cane Mastery)

Coat of Arms: Quickly cut up to 8 enemies in front of you for 170% damage 4 times.

Luck of Phantom Thief: If you were to die while this buff was active, your HP would be restored and the buff would be consumed instead. Passively increase your LUK by 60. There is a cooldown of 300 seconds.

Misfortune Protection: For 240 seconds, protect yourself from misfortune by increasing your HP and MP by 30% and your resistance to states and elements by 40%.

Flash and Flee: Have an additional 30% evasion rate.

Moonlight: Using the power of the blue moon, increase your attack by 30 and your accuracy by 200 for 240 seconds.

Phantom Charge: Rush up to 10 enemies and hit them for 250% damage 2 times, then shortly after moving hit them with a crescent moon cut for 220% damage 3 times.  You can link Breeze Carte after this attack, and if you do, Breeze Carte’s delay will be reduced. Passively increase Breeze Carte’s damage by 50%.

Ultimate Drive: Continuously attack up to 6 enemies in front of you with your Cane for 85% damage, you can move while holding the skill key down but your walking speed will be decreased while using it.

Twilight: Jump back and attack up to 10 enemies with powerful Cards for 330% three times. You can link Phantom Charge after this attack, and if you do, Phantom Charge’s delay will be reduced. Passively increase Phantom Charge”s damage by 50%.

Pray of Aria: Aria’s prayers allow you to ignore 30% of an enemy’s defense and increases your damage by 30% for 240 seconds.

Maple Warrior: Increases all players’ stats within the party by 15% for 900 seconds.

Hero’s Will: By focusing your mind, you can ignore abnormal status effects. There is a cooldown of 360 seconds.

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