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Comprehensive Cannoneer Skills Introduction

Nov 28, 2011 3:29 am
10x more overpowered than mechanics. 10x faster than dual blades. 20x more bandwagoned. (these guys have monkeys and can summon ships. and they have fake arms. THESE ARE TRUE PIRATES MENG!)

fortune attack:
+200% dmg at a 7% chance when attacking
Build up cannon:at lv1:2 att, 25 wdef/mdef. at lv10:25 att, 250 wdef/mdef.
Cannon Splasher!:Hits 3 monsters. 245% dmg. DoT:over a period of 4 seconds they get 50% dmg over a 1 second interval.
Gigantic backstep:MAx lvlv is 15:210% dmg to 3 mobs. 70% chance to lower speed by 60 for 5 seconds.
Punching cannon!:95% knockback. 98% x2 to 6 mobs. (this job has a cannon for an arm. just so you know.)
Critical Fire:+20% critical rate. +10% critical dmg
Cannon mastery:50% mastery. 120 accuracy
Physical training:30 str/dex
Slug shot:220% x2 to 4 enemies. uses24 mp.
Monkey rush boom:Throws a barrel that dmgs monsters(50% x3 to 8 monsters.) and then does 350% dmg once it stops moving
Booster:11 MP. lasts 20 seconds.
MONKEY MAAAAAAGIC!(EPIC NAME):Strengthens your party with monkey magic. 55 MP, for 300 seconds MM gives...20 all stats, 300 HP/MP, 10 speed/5jump, 160 accuracy, 120 avoid.
Reinforced cannon:PASsive. gives 30 att. +1 attack speed level.
Vital extreme:Over powered. +25% HP, +100% Defense, +20% chance to be immune to status problems. PASSIVE.
Counterattack shooter:first thing that came to mind was counterstrike. 20% chance to counter with 160% dmg.
Cannon strike:280% dmg x3 to 6 enemies
Monkey Power bomb:stronger version of monkey rush. requires maxed monkey rush.) 180% dmg to 8 mobs x4. 95% chance for 4 second DoT.(+30% DoT dmg.)
Monkey Wave:This is for if you thought the previous skills were op. 1000% damage. 100% critical. 95% stun.
Cannon jump:Stronger rocket jump. 210% dmg.
Oak roulette:THis is a buff. lasts 240 seconds. 30% to cause darkness, stun, frozen, or slow for 5 seconds. cooldown is 30 seconds.
roll of the dice:u know what this does. DOUBLE ROLL OF THE DICE!:This officially makes this class better than all the other adventurer pirates. requires max roll of the dice. At max it has 200 second coooldown and lasts 200 seconds. Thus, no cd. This skill rolls two dice instead of one. So you can get 2 effects.
Hyper monkey Spell:HYPER MONKEY SUPER FORCE GO! requires maxed monkey magic. At level 30 it...gives...700 HP/MP, 40 all stat, 15 speed/10 jump, 250 acc/avoid and lasts 300 seconds.
Overburning cannonassive. +40% damage. ignore 20% monster defense.
Cannon BAAAAZOOOOKKAAA:A training skill. 650% x2. Hits 6 mobs.
NAUTILUS:THE BATTLESHIP!:This is an ultimate. The nautilus battleship appears and opens a can of whoop as. 350 MP. Hits 15 monsters. 600% dmg x3. That's right. 1800% dmg total. Strongest ultimate ever.
Supporting Monkey twins:This is creative. A summon. TIS ALSO OP. A lv15 they do 200% dmg to 3 monsters. Lasts 180 seconds.
Magnetic Anchor:86 MP. lasts 20 seconds. 500% dmg to everything nearby. Even unicorns. does 620% dmg when it self destructs.
Hero's will, maple warrior, pirate's fury.:I doubt anyone cares about these.
Cannon buster:Hits 3 monsters. 320% dmg x3. Very long range.

source:Comprehensive Cannoneer Skills Introduction

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Nov 28, 2011 6:27 am
Really detailed information. May it can help other know more about the new role.

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    Nov 30, 2011 11:37 am
    These skills seems to make the cannoneer ridiculously overpowered... lol.

    Dec 1, 2011 2:51 am
    Reply 2#  Rokurai

    But it looks really amazing . May you can try.

    Dec 18, 2011 7:08 pm
    i have a level 200 cannoneer its so strong it only took me 2 weeks.
    crazy person.........[SMILE=6][SMILE=29]

    May 30, 2017 12:41 am
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