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General Rules

1. These are the General Rules of the forum. Each particular board has its own particular rules. In case that the particular rules are at odds with the General Rules, the latter shall prevail.

2. All members shall obey related laws and regulations, and bear sole responsibility for the contents they post. Our Forum shall not be responsible for any consequences caused by the members' posts.

3. All posters shall be deemed to have read and agreed to obey the General Rules.

4. The official language in general forums is English!

5. Search and read up before asking a question! We do have a Forum Help Desk and a FAQ page. If you can not find your answer in either location, then feel free to post. But please make sure it is in the right section.

6. We have a report system. In each post, you could find a 'Report' button in the top-right corner. Any mmositer who has ever seen any post violating these rules could click the Report button. Thanks for your help!

7. We have a system in place called the Lucky Draw. Want to test your luck? Login daily and have a chance at winning anywhere from 1 to 1000 points! This will help you greatly with anything from getting items from the shop, to using our high speed servers!

Rules for Registration

1. Please provide us with a valid Email address when registering the account so that we can contact you in time when necessary!

2. Please don't use the following nicknames, avatars and signatures:

a. Those containing vulgar, unhealthy, indecent, insulting or aggressive contents.

b. The IDs or nicknames containing ad contents.

c. The IDs or nicknames containing the name of any MMOsite channel or column without MMOsite's consent.

d. The IDs or nicknames that resemble those of MMOsite moderators/administrators and are likely to cause confusion or disputes.

3. The administrator will send you a PM to warn you to make certain modifications if finding your nickname, avatar or signature doesn’t follow the above rules, lest there should be any disputes. If you don't modify your nickname, avatar or signature in time, the administrator shall have the right to ban your account.

Rules for Posts, Messages and Chats

Illegal acts:

1. Make spams maliciously only to grind points.

2. Disclose someone's photos or private info without his/her consent.

3. Post something that is deemed as vulgar, insulting or aggressive by the administrator.

4. Attach illegal links in the post or signature.

5. Promote methods or tools that impair the game balance, like the unacknowledged private servers and third-party programs.

6. The post, nickname or signature involves any cash transaction.

7. We won't list those obviously in contravention of game and social morality one by one, e.g. the political, religious or racial issues, but it doesn't mean we won't impose corresponding punishments.

Note: The contents that feature the above illegal elements may be deleted directly without warning. Those who seriously disobey the related rules will be banned to speak or be punished with their accounts banned!

Rules for Classical Posts

1. With original high-quality contents that are a result of painstaking efforts.

2. With contents that are helpful to other members.

3. Considered as excellent by the corresponding moderator.

Note: No restriction on the article type! You can share with us your gaming experience or feelings freely. Excellent articles reproduced from somewhere else are also acceptable.

Penalty Rules

As a warning, those found disobeying related rules for the first time will be banned to speak for 1-12 hours, with their involved illegal info deleted by the moderator or administrator, while those found disobeying related rules for the second time will be banned to speak for 12-120 hours. Those disobeying the rules again and again and failing to mend their ways will be punished with their accounts banned permanently.

If You still have questions

Please note that MMOSITE holds the final right to interpret the forum rules.If you still have other questions, please contact me via email forum@mmosite.com or community@mmosite.com . We will contact you as soon as possible.