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Forum 5.0 (05-07-2012)

New Layout

Forum has changed to a new layout and skin, in order to make forum more clean and friendly, we've made the skin with white and blue colors.

Guild Hub Update

You're available to submit a guild application directly in every game board now(anyone who wanted to have a guild board needed to contact forum admin and apply to the admin before.)

After you submitting the application, our staff will verify it and talk details with you via MSN. If you meet the requirement, our staff will make a guild board for you.
Every mmosite guild have an own guild emblem, and every guild are eligible to have game closed beta key of MMOsite. If you have a guild board, you can manage board in the background, such as ban users, set the access/reply/post permissions.

Rate System

From now on, forum adminstrators are able to rate your threads, as long as your thread is good enough, our adminstrator will + points for you.

@ Friends

Just like facebook/twitter, if you @ your friends in a thread, they will be lead to the thread and discuss the topics with you.

Forum 4.0.5 (08-08-2010)

New Advertisement System

We've updated the position of the advertisement picture. Before it was Header Advertisement, and now it's Background Advertisement. The background picture will make the forum page look better. What's more, when loading the forum page, the main forum section will be loaded first and then the background picture, so that Advertisement will not affect your browsing of forum page.

New Function: Game Pub Quick Launch

On the right side of Forum Home Page, you could find the Game Pub Quick Launch. Type your game there and it will lead you directly to the game forum. The Quick Launch supports fuzzy search.

New Function: Last New Thread

In the bottom right corner of Forum Home Page, You cound find the Last New Thread, which will show you the latest recommended threads of Hot Forums

Forum 4.0.3 (07-15-2010)

New Function: Share the Youtube Video

Not just the video link anymore, instead now you could share the Youtube video in our forum. This function is available to all the mmositers. Just copy the embedded code and paste it into your post, then all the guys could watch the video.

Forum 4.0.1 (06-06-2010)

New Layout

We've got a new forum skin. In order to to make this forum load faster, we've made this new skin got less images, css and js. If you still prefer the old one, click in the forum menu. This is the temporary skin, we still need your suggestions to improve this new skin. After this design is accepted by our MMOsiters, we will release five different colors skins.

System improvement

Post deletion: Now we won't see the notice: this topic has been deleted anymore. After our moderators or admins delete the post, the entire post will be deleted like it never exist.

Server Update

Since our forum are growing faster, we've also update our forum server by this time.

Profile Page change

We've change the whole profile page. It would be much more friendly and give you a better user interface

If you want to know more about the profile's change? Click here for more details.

New Skill

Boards Subscription: Automatically show you the latest 5 threads/ posts in the boards you've subscribed. You don't need to check those forums one by one.

In the section close to the bottom of the page you will have the tab of subscription. Just click on it, you will see a list of all the boards that you have subscribed.
You are able to view the five latest threads created in the specific board. The show button could be use to either show or hide a board's listing. The button of add a board and delete will help you add new subscriptions and unsubscribe respectively.
If you're a member of one guild, you'll see your guild emblem in front of your name.